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BARTOC Skosmos is a terminology service for all kinds of vocabularies. It complements the terminology registry BARTOC.org and other other terminology registries, repositories, and services.


BARTOC Skosmos was first developed 2018 by Jonas Waeber and Andreas Ledl at University Library Basel. See their publication for a detailled explanation of the infrastructure back then. The core of the service is Skosmos, a SKOS browser and publishing tool developed at the Finnish National Library in 2014.

In February 2023 the service is being transferred to the Head Office of the GBV Common Library Network (GBV) who already took over BARTOC.org in November 2020. Please expect some instability during the transition!

BARTOC Skosmos (beta) Layout erstellt von Hahmo Design

Skosmos-Version 2.17-dev